Sponsorship Levels

The Michigan SCC Chapter is looking for sponsors for our September 6, 2018 Naturals Technical Symposium.  Sponsorship for this event will help pay for a social reception on Wednesday evening September 5 at The Knickerbocker (New Holland Brewing Co.), breakfast, lunch and venue fees.  Five tiers of sponsorship can be seen below:

Sponsorship Level

Amenities Included



1 Table top poster, 1 free admission & 1 free night accommodations



1 Table top & 2 free admissions



1 Poster & 1 free admission



1 Poster



Student Admission

Gold and Platinum sponsors will have access to table top displays for their posters.  Platinum sponsors will also be provided with one free night of accommodations at the JW Marriott or Amway Grand Hotel.  Sponsors will be recognized throughout the event including during opening comments, on posters, and handouts.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our Naturals Technical Symposium.


Please contact Lane Duvel at 616-787-6689 or lane.duvel@amway.com and Louise Schneider at 616-787-0154 or louise.schneider@amway.com if you are interested in contributing. Payment with PayPal is available on the sidepane to the right. Deadline for Sponsors is August 24, 2018.



Please choose a sponsorship level from the following options:

2018 Naturals Symposium Sponsorships
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