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The Michigan Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists is the newest of 19 Chapters within a national society that is comprised of over 4,000 members. The Society was founded in 1945 to promote high standards of practice in the cosmetic sciences and to provide the proper forums for the exchange of ideas and new developments in cosmetic research and technology. 


Dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, the Society strives to increase and disseminate scientific information through meetings and publications. By promoting research in cosmetic science and industry, and by setting high ethical, professional and educational standards, we reach our goal of improving the qualifications of cosmetic scientists. Our mission is to further the interests and recognition of cosmetic scientists while maintaining the confidence of the public in the cosmetic and toiletries industry.


The chapter conducts quarterly meetings around the great state of Michigan, each featuring industry speakers presenting the lastest innovations and topics within the cosmetic industry. In addition, the chapter also host a biennial 1-day scientific symposium on the llatest topics impacting the global cosmetics industry.  

SCC MI Board Members

Executive Board - 2018  

Left to Right: Christopher Heisig (Area II Director), Rhonda Solberg (Secretary), Caryn Weiss (Chair-elect), Yulia Park (Area II Director), Karen Patin (2017 Treasurer), Paige Krzyskowski (Chair), Debbie Pinardo (2017 Chair),
Position Name Email Affiliation
Chair Caryn Weiss Amway
Chair-elect Rhonda Solberg Amway
Secretary Debbie Pinardo Amway
Treasurer Tori Wing Amway
Treasurer-elect Karen Patin Amway

Committee Volunteers

Committee Name Email Affiliation
Records & Election Committee Beth Johnson Dow Corning
Newsletter & Publicity
Mike Starch*  Wintermute Consulting Service
Yulia Park (Editor)   Amway
Sudhir Baswan (Facebook & Website) Amway
Beth Gyurke (Photography) Amway
Haywood Ware (Regulatory) Amway
Program Committee Sudhir Baswan Amway
Debbie Pinardo Amway
Symposium Committee Kausar Malik* Amway
Caryn Weiss* Amway
Lane Duvel Amway
Louise Schneider Amway
House Committee Erika Rumsey* (East Side) Dow Corning
Aimee Herbel* (West Side) Amway
Robin Thacker Amway
Karen Patin Amway
Jason Vogel Dow Corning
Outreach Committee Paige Krzyskowski  Dow Corning
Bart Maxon Dow Corning
Jason Vogel Dow Corning
Tori Wing Amway
Caryn Weiss Amway
Sponsorship & Social Event Committee Lane Duvel* Amway
Louise Schneider Amway


*Denotes Committee Chair

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